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EPFL DataCite Metadata Generator - Kernel 4.3

Elements are divided into 3 classes:
  1. Mandatory elements that must be used in all cases
    (missing values will cause blocking errors during the ingestion)
  2. Recommended elements that would be good to have if possible
  3. Optional elements that the users is free to use if they think it is useful
Please note:
  1. For complex elements (mandatory or not) that include several fields,
    minimal information fields are designated in red. An input value
    (text or selection) is required for these minimal fields.
  2. Text fields with pre-filled values should not be changed.

Mandatory Elements

Title(s): ?
Creator(s): ?
Publisher: ?
Publication Year: ?
Date of submission to ACOUA: ?
Other date(s): usage still WIP, please let us know if your dataset is under an embargo or restricted access in Zenodo. ?
Resource Type: ?
Subject(s) (free text for the pilot, we suggest using SNSF disciplines): ?
Description: ?
Rights List: ?
- +

+ Optional Elements